Our modern equipment and integrated Volvo-Assist solutions enable you to improve both the productivity of your Volvo fleet and the performance of your entire construction site.

Volvo Co-Pilot, the tablet in the driver’s cab, becomes a digital assistant on the construction site, so that you can work more efficiently and more accurately.

Volvo Co Pilot Übersicht


Excavation work made easy! Preparatory earthworks, trenching, slope creation or the excavation of multidimensional trench profiles: these are all easier than ever before, thanks to the Dig Assist equipment control system for excavators. If required, modular enhancements can be added to Dig Assist from Active Control, 2D and In-Field Design to 3D.

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Volvo Show Load Assist Tire Pressure Monitoring System


Optimise your loading cycles with Load Assist! Access a range of smart apps and improve efficiency. Load Assist can be supplemented by so-called OBW, integrated on-board weighing. This dynamic weighing system provides real-time information about the current shovel load and enables you to avoid over or underloading and waiting times.

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Volvo Show Services Achieve Maximum Efficiency


Compact Assist allows you to tap into the full productivity potential of soil and asphalt compactors. Smart compaction provides a real-time insight into the work process by mapping the transitions, temperature and density for asphalting. A modern construction site tool for quality control.

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Volvo Haul Assist Map


Haul Assist allows you to optimise your transport cycles and loads. OBW (on-board weighing) enables you to load up efficiently and accurately. Instinct will not get you very far when it comes to loading and transporting the optimum volume of material. What if you transport too litte material? Or too much? Is the equipment overloaded? The integrated weighing system gives you precisely the answers that you need.

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Volvo Show Services Material Manager


Pave Assist not only saves you time and money but also provides you with an excellent tool to achieve first-class work results. The material manager offers useful calculations, e.g. installation distance covered as well as material volume installed, installation area and CO2 emissions. Temperature profiles help you to produce high-quality coverage. You can even see the latest weather report at all times.

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Our service network includes 6 sites across Austria, with workshops, rental stations, spare parts and over 60 mobile construction equipment technicians. Our highly trained technicians have the right parts on board and can carry out most maintenance and repair work on the spot, where you are.

Improved productivity

CareTrack, the Volvo telematics system, allows you to maximise your productivity in terms of fuel consumption and equipment and provides reports on excess idling.

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Direct contact

Our sales representatives and product managers are happy to advise and will find the right equipment for you. Simply click your location on the map of Austria to find your personal contact.

Dig Assist with In-Field Design

The intiutive user interface makes it easy to learn how to operate the Volvo Co-Pilot tablet. In-Field Design makes it easy to set trench profiles and slopes for yourself, so manual measuring is no longer necessary.