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SENtrack provides all the imporant information so that you can always make the right decision.


Te­le­ma­tics sys­tem

SEN­track DS

Fleet management with SENtrack DS

Improve efficiency with hidden information:

To improve your efficiency, use the information that would otherwise remain hidden. The SENtrack DS telematics system records important data from your equipment via a communication module and uses the mobile phone network to transmit the information to the online database. With personal online access, you can see information in real-time and obtain valuable indications of how you could work more efficiently.

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Your advantages with SENtrack:

Reduce servicing costs:

  • As you can always keep an eye on the optimum operating status of your machines via the important operating parameters (temperatures, consumption)
  • By arranging preventive maintenance or servicing if the operating parameters differ significantly from the target values.

Improve productivity:

  • By identifying and optimising your equipment capacity use.
  • By assigning the right equipment to the right application.
  • By analysing routes and optimising your space, where applicable.

Optimise consumption values:

  • By being able to identify and reduce equipment idle times.
  • By optimising the setting parameters in the equipment control in case of underloading.

Protect investments:

  • By receiving alarm reports to inform you of critical statuses.
  • By being able to deactivate the equipment centrally in case of irregular movements.

Clear software:

  • Customisable dashboard for the best overview of the entire fleet.
  • Equipment details: Detailed data, equipment parameters and status messages.
  • Live location of your equipment incl. Route for the day, for route analysis and space optimisation.
  • Analyse the data from your equipment with the aid of overviews and diagrams.

SENtrack is easy to retrofit:

Use SENtack DS for your existing fleet too!

The retrofitting kit is easy to install.

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