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Volvo Active Care

Active Care allows you to achieve a new level of fleet optimisation. Relax! With Active Care, your equipment data are evaluated by Volvo experts and you receive a notification from Ascendum if action is required.

Act before problems occur

Active Care is the Volvo service for optimal processing of your data, with the aim of optimising your fleet productivity.

Volvo Active Care is the ideal tool to make the best use of your machinery data and not drown in a flood of data. Your equipment data are analysed 24/7 in the Volvo Uptime Centre. If action is required, you will be actively contacted by us as your Volvo dealer and service contact.

With Volvo Active Care, you can avoid unplanned idle times or costly repairs. We give you advance warning, so that you can plan for maintenance and servicing. In addition, you receive weekly reports, prepared in a way that is easy to understand. Of course, we also provide you with advice on possible actions to minimise costs.

Yes, I am interested in Active Care.

    I expressly consent to the processing of all the data provided, including personal information, and to forwarding to the company actually responsible, for the purpose of processing my request. I may revoke this consent at any time in writing to [email protected].

    Get in touch!

    Talk to your Volvo Active Care specialist, who will be happy to provide you with non-binding advice.