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The SENNEBOGEN 835 G Hybrid

The SENNEBOGEN 835 G Hybrid material handler is the start of a new generation of machines: the G series.


Maximum energy efficiency, a user-friendly design and a tried-and-tested range of equipment are the features that customers can expect from the latest generation of green material handlers. The fully redeveloped 835 G is just the start.

Equipped with the latest generation of engine, the innovative Green Hybrid energy recovery system and decades of SENNEBOGEN developers’ expertise, customers around the world can look forward to a genuine BIG STEP – they will be delighted.

It is much more than a new edition of a classic; the SENNEBOGEN 835 G Hybrid is the first of a completely new generation of material handlers. Ten years after the launch of the extremely successful E series, the Bavarian machine manufacturer is taking another major step. The G series combines the experience gained from demanding material handling with a new, forward-looking generation of machines.

The G Series key features

  • Great technological innovation,
  • Good, ecological operation and, most of all,
  • Genuine user-centered machine design for operators, fleet managers and service technicians.

ab 47 t


188 kW / 160 kW

Diesel-Motor / Elektro-Motor

20 m


With the new series version of the popular 835, SENNEBOGEN has immediately dared to create an absolute all-rounder in material handling. With equipment lengths of up to 20 m, the machine is aimed at applications in scrap and timber handling as well as port operations. As usual, the SENNEBOGEN modular principle allows customization using numerous undercarriage variants, from mobile undercarriage to crawler tracks and stationary solutions.

Maximum efficiency: energy recovery and optimized hydraulics

Moving on to the internal numbers, the 835 G has an economical 188 kW Stage V diesel engine. Now, for the first time in this machine category, the engine power is supplemented by the Green Hybrid energy recovery system, which considerably increases the system’s overall operational performance. As a result, the machine gains additional working speed and even increases handling performance with lower consumption. In concrete terms, this means a reduction of around 30% in fuel costs. The system itself functions like a tensioned spring that supports the boom’s working movement. The components, a third hydraulic cylinder on the boom and nitrogen accumulator at the rear, are therefore not only safely installed, but also virtually maintenance-free.

The theme of efficiency runs like a thread through all the innovations in the G series. The efficiency of the material handler has been further increased and the hydraulics have been completely reworked – every hose guide, every diameter, every valve and all the flow cross-sections have been examined and optimized. All this has resulted in genuine tuning of the hydraulics through the sensible relief of pressure on the pump system.

Operator comfort and safety

An important point in the further development of the new generation is dedicated to operators and service personnel. The new Maxcab is being used for the first time in the new series. The operator’s workplace has been optimized, and all settings can be conveniently adjusted via the new, foiled keyboard and the SENCON display. Air conditioning elements and air flow as well as shelves and storage compartments have also been optimized. Some of the tried-and-tested features remain; the established sliding door for easy entry and the ergonomic joysticks. The new continuous front and side windows offer an unobstructed view of the surroundings. The design and kinematics of the cab elevation have been further improved and now elevate the operator in an even more comfortable way.

The cab can be moved continuously over a height difference of 2.80 m as standard, and optionally up to 3.50 m – more is virtually impossible.
SENNEBOGEN has also optimized all aspects of service and daily maintenance. The components are even more accessible, and work is made easier thanks to a clearly structured machine design and central maintenance points. Numerous platforms and grab handles ensure the highest level of safety for people and machines.
Of course, the 835 G Hybrid is, as usual, still also available in the electric version too. This can also reduce operating costs by up to 50 %. The environmentally-friendly, emission-free electric motor offers low-noise and vibration-free operation even in the most demanding of situations.


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SENNEBOGEN 835 G Hybrid– in summary

The new G series starts with a flagship material handler, the new 835 G Hybrid. With equipment lengths of up to 20 m and a wide range of configuration options, the 835 comfortably covers a wide range of applications from scrap to ports or timber. In addition to the numerous technical optimizations, one thing immediately jumps out at you: the SENNEBOGEN Green Hybrid energy recovery system is being used for the first time in the under 50 t machine category. The combination of a third hydraulic lifting cylinder and gas accumulator in the rear of the machine not only functions extremely safely and reliably, but, more importantly, reduces operating costs by 1/3.

High system output with a 188 KW Stage V diesel engine and Green Hybrid energy recovery system

Flexible modular system: Mobile undercarriage, crawler undercarriage, 4-point-pedestal or special customer-specific solutions

New comfort Maxcab for relaxed working over long periods, hydraulically elevating over 2.80 m as standard with revised control panel, all-round visibility and new safety features.

Maintenance and service made easy: Feedback from dealers and customers has been directly incorporated into the development of the new series. Even better accessibility, intelligent maintenance points and a clear machine design make service and daily maintenance on G series machines even easier and safer.