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The largest material handler in the world in Ennshafen


LINZ/ENNS. After a project duration of two years, the world’s largest hydraulic material handling excavator, the SENNEBOGEN 895 E-Series Hybrid, has found a new home on the site of Danubia Speicherei Ges.m.H in Ennshafen. Following successful delivery by ASCENDUM Baumaschinen Österreich GmbH, invitations to a formal blessing were sent to a small group of people. State Governor Mag. Thomas Stelzer did not want to miss the opportunity to attend the inauguration of this pioneering equipment technology in person.

In spring 2019, the largest material handling excavator currently available from SENNEBOGEN, the 895 E Hybrid with a total weight of around 410t, was presented for the first time at the world’s largest construction equipment fair, “bauma”, in Munich. Back then, none of the people present suspected that a material handling excavator of this size would be one of the first of its kind used in Austria.

For Danubia Speicherei in Ennshafen, it was precisely this “big green one” that seemed to be the ideal machine, as the company has to handle a volume of 950,000t per year. With these volumes, efficiency is a key deciding factor when it comes to equipment configuration. The 895 E Hybrid easily meets this demand. Despite its substantial size, the equipment works quickly, economically and with no emissions. When it comes to efficiency and cost reduction, the “green hybrid” system is a big contributor and therefore allows energy savings of up to 55%.

How is it that a machine weighing 410t, roughly the same as three adult blue whales, can work so efficiently?

There are two hydraulic systems installed on the boom of the port titan, which offset the dead weight of the 54t steel structure. The green hybrid energy recovery system from SENNEBOGEN is completed by the hybrid storage modules installed on either side next to the boom attachment point on the upper carriage. The energy storage works in a similar way to a compressed spring. Here though, gas is compressed in separate, pressurised gas cylinders and energy is therefore stored, and is then available for the next lift. The subsequent lift movement is then like releasing the spring. This process releases the energy that had been generated previously.

Übergabe des Sennebogen 895E

“With the 895 E, not only have we successfully established the largest material handling excavator currently on the market; this innovation also means that we are once again setting new standards in energy efficiency, performance and client-specific solutions. We are especially pleased that this machine is now being used so nearby, down the Danube.”

This is the conclusion of Erich Sennebogen, Managing Director of international equipment manufacturer SENNEBOGEN, based in the Bavarian town of Straubing.

With its portal undercarriage, the XXL-format material handling excavator was individually adapted to the track width at Danubia Speicherei. Everything about this equipment is bigger and boasts record-breaking data. Even transporting the individual parts on a total of 18 lorry loads, 7 of which were classed as heavy haulage, was a logistical feat. During the 14-day installation on site, the teams from ASCENDUM, SENNEBOGEN and Danubia Speicherei demonstrated outstanding, close cooperation.

“We have been selling SENNEBOGEN products in Austria since 2015. Successful handling of a major project such as the 895 E Hybrid is possible only with great dedication and excellent teamwork from everyone involved. Confidence in our trading partner SENNEBOGEN has grown steadily over the years and proves that we can continue to work together successfully in the future. Here and now, both Danubia Speicherei and I are pleased that the 895 E Hybrid has gone into operation as planned and will strengthen the business location in the future,” Dr. Thomas Schmitz, CEO of ASCENDUM Baumaschinen Österreich GmbH, declares.

Georg Dobesberger, Managing Director of Danubia Speicherei Ges.m.b.H. explains the well-considered investment: “We anticipate a huge improvement in efficiency, as we can handle significantly more within a shorter time.”

Georg Dobesberger, Managing Director of Danubia Speicherei Ges.m.b.H., explains the well-considered investment: “We anticipate a huge improvement in efficiency, as we can handle significantly more within a shorter time. Ennshafen has performed well in recent years. Furthermore, there will be more challenges in the transport sector in the future; the roads are full and there will be more goods to transport, so solutions are needed that are fit for the future.”

“The world’s largest material handling excavator on the port site in Enns is symbolic of the power of Upper Austria as a location. We need that power now, to protect jobs and get the economy going again so that we can make our state strong again. My thanks to ASCENDUM for installing this port titan and my congratulations to material handling company Danubia Speicherei, which is setting new standards in material handling with this prestige project,” State Governor Mag. Thomas Stelzer emphasises.


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